Friday, March 31, 2017

Work Less Live More Mind Map By Spencer Coffman
Work Less Live More Mind Map By Spencer Coffman>

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Work Less Live More Mind Map By Spencer Coffman

Hopefully you have already read Work Less Live More by Spencer Coffman. If you haven’t, then check it out because the Work Less Live More Mind Map is here to supplement the eBook. Simply follow the flow chart from the center outward and use the information here along with what you learned in the eBook to help you prioritize your life so you can become more efficient and start to work less and live more!

In case a flow chart is not for you, there is an excellent list version of the Work Less Live More Mind Map below. Simply read it from the top down and you will be well on your way to getting started with affiliate marketing!

Work Less Live More Mind Map By Spencer Coffman
New Mind Map
Work Less Live More

Do Before Work

Organize Your Calendar

List Your Tasks

Check Your Agenda Weeks

Use An App To Help You

Control Your Phone

Silence Your Phone When You
Need To Focus

Turn Off Sounds To Prevent

Separate Personal From Work

Use Neutral Ringtones

Manage Your Workspace

Know Where Everything Is

Keep It Clean

Tidy Up At The End Of The

Keep Everything In Good
Working Order

Prepare For Work While At

Eat A Good Breakfast

Be Cognizant Of Your

Get Everything Laid Out The
Night Before

Get Into The Work Mindset

Do During Work

Computer Protection

Have Good Protective

Secure Sensitive Data

Keep Everything Updated

Perform Regular Maintenance

Keep Regular Backups

Computer Use

Learn Short Cut Commands

Organize Your Files

Use Browser Bookmarks

Close Unused Tabs And

Save Regularly

Know Yourself


Know When You Are Most

Take Time To Stretch

Clear Your Mind

Get Up And Walk Around

Relating With Others

Get Everything Done During
The Meeting

Keep Interactions Focused
On Work

Specifically Assign Tasks

Maintain Good Work

Not To Do During Work

Personal Computer Use

Don’t Watch Videos

Stay Off Personal Social

No Web Surfing


Don’t Let Others Distract

Don’t Distract Others

Don’t Distract Yourself

Do After Work

Keep It Clean

Put Everything Away

Clean Up The Workspace

Power Down

Shut Down Your Computer

Power Off Everything You

Do In General

Your Life At Home

Find A Way To Unwind

Listen To Good Music

Exercise When Possible

Get Some R & R

Your Paperwork

Stay On Top Of Your

Keep Up With Expiration

Keep Things Organized

Be Social Once In A While

Hang Out With Others

Stay Electronic

Home-Based Workers

Get In The Zone

Put Yourself In Work Mode

Inform Others When You Are

Establish A Routine

Plan Your Tasks

Focus On Work

Separate Work From Home

Dedicate Your Time

Avoid Burning Yourself Out

Work In A Separate Space

Dress For Work

Use Technology And A

Invest In Good Tools To
Help You

Engage In A Support Network

Use Freelancers To Help

Know Yourself

Stop If You Aren’t Up To It

Change The Scenery

Take Frequent Brakes

Know When You Are Ready To

created by Spencer Coffman

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How To Write A Killer Press Release - Spencer Coffman
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Monday, March 27, 2017

Free Press Release Template For Your Press Releases - Spencer Coffman
Free Press Release Template For Your Press Releases - Spencer Coffman>

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Download A Free Press Release Template

download a free press release template

Here is a template that you may use to write your press releases. Simply fill in the information between the brackets and you will be good to go. Remember to include an image with your press release. For more information on how to write a killer press release, leveraging your press release to generate more traffic, and a list of press release directories, take a look at my articles.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Press Release 365 Days Of Devotion For Everyone By Author Spencer Coffman
Press Release 365 Days Of Devotion For Everyone By Author Spencer Coffman>



Author Spencer Coffman’s newly released “TITLE” is a …

Summary of The Release

“TITLE” from author Spencer Coffman is…

Full Release



Consumers can purchase “TITLE” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, online from the author’s website, or anywhere books are sold.

For additional information or inquiries about “TITLE”, contact the author directly

See Where The TITLE Press Release Has Been Published

If you are a media outlet who would like to pick up this press release please feel free to copy and paste it to your directory. In addition, please contact me so I can add your link to this page and give you a backlink.

Thank you,

Spencer Coffman

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Affiliate Product Comparison Review WordPress Plugin - Spencer Coffman
Affiliate Product Comparison Review WordPress Plugin - Spencer Coffman>

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Affiliate Product Comparison Review WordPress Plugin – Spencer Coffman

Affiliate Product Comparison Review WordPress Plugin – Spencer Coffman



Easily create product tables that feature all kinds of data and specs about any product with the Affiliate Product Comparison plugin for WordPress. This great plugin will allow you to show your viewers the similarities and differences between two or more products.

Now you can write detailed product reviews and compare different products in your review. Not only that, but the entire product table will be affiliate linked. That means that if any of your viewers click on one of the products, you will receive a commission for the sale.

Go ahead and try out this plugin right away. It is low cost and definitely worth the money. This plugin works very well and I recommend using it if you do anything with product reviews or affiliate sales.






More Information about Product Comparison Table:

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Product Comparison Table

How to create an affiliate product comparison table.

Money Saving Amazon Coupons

Did you know Amazon has over 300 coupons that you can use for FREE?? Go ahead and start saving today!

25 Clear And Beautiful Comparison Tables – Web Design Blog

Here are 25 comparison tables with creative designs.

Responsive Product Comparison Tables

Responsive Product Comparison Tables.






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Hey guys this is a review of the affiliate product comparison this plug-in is pretty sweet basically what you can do is create a table that compares multiple different products I advantages disadvantages and it looks really nice you can have a picture up there different features of each product and then your conclusion underneath you know in your normal text post on which one to buy and then each of those will be linked to amazon for your affiliate commissions so to get started all you gotta do is add the affiliate product comparison plug-in you can grab the link to get that in the video description below once you install that obviously set up your amazon API and user ID and stuff like that in there and then just going to create so let’s just do create we’re going to do a nice training keyword will do I phone apps iPhone 6 and then you can set prices if you want you don’t need to use currency science if you want to a minimum price of you know 50 bucks and a maximum price you can just leave blank you don’t have to put this in but we’re going to throw it in so that way we know we’re going to get iPhones that are real and you could put you know obviously maybe a hundred for iPhones but anyway you submit that weight and it’s going to pull up all kinds of cool products that you can throw in your table and compare so below are the results so let’s compare this one this one this one and this one so we’re going to a 4 with table now you could choose look at all these it pulls up all these are amazon’s iPhone products ok so we’re just going to choose those top 40 hit submit and you’re going to go on to the next step ok so table name we’re going to call it iPhone 6 this you know obviously you want to come up with a better title and then you can add each one of these attributes to your table now for real you want an image of the title you don’t really need unless you want because it is an amazon product we’re gonna throw in the brand will put a color in there throw-in you know manufacturer would be good probably the model size is important price would be a good one will put in rating and reviews link that way you get an affiliate link and then you can choose a with four images columns here’s everything you adding then you hit submit and it goes right to the next step this is what your table is going to look like look how coolest is in under a minute we have an amazing table with great headings here awesome categories read reviews more info again both of those are affiliate link to the picture is affiliate linked that’s your table there it is now to use the table you need to pay attention to this because to use that table you’re going to copy this ID okay so we’re going to throw it in a post so copy that we’re going to create a new post going to paste this right in here we’ll just do a test going to publish the post and you’re going to see how cool this table looks in a live post ok so view this post and we’ll check it out this product comparison tool is awesome so here it is now obviously you take a look at this and you see hey wait a minute now this is kind of squished yeah here’s why it squish because the content of the post with your sidebars and everything and this sidebar is a wide enough for the table settings you have for your with so that’s something that you need to pay attention to because if you’re putting it in post and most people do most people put comparisons in post so you’re going to need them make sure that whatever your PHP content settings for your post that you set this table with to be no wider than whatever your post section with is ok that’s very important otherwise you’re going to get a post that looks like this and people aren’t going to like to see color and manufacturer vertically like that ok so that is important to know now if you want to see it in a page so you can see how nice it looks with a page then we’re going to do that as well so you can see will add new this will be test publish this and you can see how nice it will look on a page view the page because pages are a little wider without all those sidebars hear it so you’ve got no sidebar on the side you see we still have always post sidebar stuff and here’s our image brand model except etcetera great pictures all affiliate link reviews here ratings all affiliate link to more info and here’s the bottom that now this was edible and you can choose any terms and conditions that you want to throw in the bottom so that is the product comparison plug-in highly worth it pick it up today link is in the description below this plugin works it’s a great tool to have if you’re doing anything for affiliate on your website because you could have different posts different product comparisons to show people the advantages and disadvantages of different posts take advantage of it start using it play around with it you’re going to like it until next time

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