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The Best Social Bookmarking Sites To Share Your Content - Spencer Coffman

The Best Social Bookmarking Sites To Share Your Content - Spencer Coffman>

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Public Record Opt Out - How To Make Yourself Invisible Online

Public Record Opt Out - How To Make Yourself Invisible Online>

Public Record Opt Out – How To Make Yourself Invisible Online – Opt Out Of Public Databases

Public Record Opt Out – How To Make Yourself Invisible Online – Opt Out Of Public Databases









Here you will learn how to remove your information from the public record of online databases. This video will show you six different places to remove your information. These six places span pretty much the entire online database system. Therefore, if you wish to be invisible online, remove yourself from these public databases.


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More Information about Opt Out Public Record:

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Opt out of people-finder and information brokerage services.

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Remove information that is a matter of public record

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Spokeo is a people search website that aggregates data from online and offline sources.


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Hey guys today I’m going to show you how you can remove yourself from multiple online databases the first thing you need to do is go to each one of the websites listed in the description for this video there are multiple of them here I’ve got six different places that you can remove your information one is your phone number others are online public databases that cover actually multiple databases so different things like the email database address phone numbers all of that kind of stuff will go over each one in detail on how to remove your information from the public record in case that you don’t want to be found online so this is the first one is the national do not call registry just go to do not call dot gov you can type any of this in Google it will all come up or click on the link below scroll down it shows you all of the things you need to know right here so it’s basically most telemarketers won’t call your number after about thirty one days so it’s about a month after you put your phone number in that you will still receive phone calls and after one month it will be pulled off and then if you still receive them after a month you can go right here and hit submit a complaint and then put in who’s calling you XYZ and then that will kinda have the government contact them and say hey quick call on this guy so first thing you can do is hit register phone number and in case you if you didn’t remember or maybe you remember register your phone number a while ago you can’t verify registration to see if your phone numbers already in this database so if it isn’t what most people it’s not just hit start here register phone number then it brings you up to this it’s like a double opt-in so you can either verify if you’re registered previously or you can register new number go ahead and register here now you can enter up to three phone numbers per email address and then hit submit you’ll have to check your email after that and open the link within three days to verify that you want your phone number is removed so you can just type in for number one phone number to phone number three or just one or never then your email address and confirm it once you’re done you hit submit they will send you an e-mail and again you need to open that email click on the link to verify you want your phone numbers removed now should you have more than three phone numbers you’d like to be removed just go ahead and enter in another email address so you can have you know three phone numbers / 1 e-mail you could try using the same email every time but just you know most people have multiple email addresses use it and remove yourself from the telemarketers list ok so the next place we’re going to go is the people search from intelius now if we hover over here it shows you billions of public records instantly search free now this is literally billions of public records it as places from criminal records identity records it has email phone numbers address previous address all kinds of stuff like that so the first thing you need to do is because they run strictly through courthouses public records DMV database is everything like that what you do is you upload your driver’s license so take a picture of it scan it whatever you can do browse and attach your photo here now they want you to cross out your photo and your driver’s license number all they need is your name and address whatever is on that form of identification that information that address and listing will be what they scan their database and remove so if you have an old ID with an old address and a new idea with your new address doing both not at the same time you have to do them separately then you can throw in your email address which is optional I would recommend it that way you will get an email confirmation when you are indeed opted out then after that you can throw in some additional information this is optional but I highly recommend doing it just put in something like I would like to be removed from the public databases because come up with a reason you moved you are in some bad situation got a new job and it requires under there radar you’re in the military whatever put something down in there just so they can verify that it’s for real then go down here and type in the two words that you have right here hit submit top top that is it that is how you remove yourself from the intelligence database and again the link for this will be down in the description or you can just copy from right here read it off and put in ok now the next one we’re going to go to his people finders this is again another huge database for all kinds of records that you will want to remove yourself from so what you do is you go to this place here this website again we’ll be down in the list but in case you want to know its people finders / about / help the link will be down in the description is click on it there and we brought directly to this page go ahead and contact us and you want to go through these and select the one that says how do I remove my information from your website in case you don’t want to remove you know you can ask him all kinds of different questions where you get it how can update it but for this purpose how you remove it then what you need to do is it says to remove your information from the website please click here you can also get this contact customer care button as well so for now we’ll just hit click here then what you need to do is find your listing because they need to know what you want removed so we’re just going to do a fake one here we’re going to do John Smith and we’re going to do it in Atlanta GA find my listing ok now it’ll scan all of the databases and let’s say it’s this guy right here so you what you would do is you’d hit this is me we can just click on it because it won’t remove it yet and then you can choose how your public information will be displayed so you can either keep showing it or you can opt out so what you’ll want to do obviously for the purpose of this video is just click opt out and then you will confirm and you will be opted out if it’s not you you can start over that will remove it from all these different places here then in about a week you can go back to all these databases and type in your information see if it’s opted out if it doesn’t follow steps again so once you’re done with people finders will click on People Smart now this one is a multiple directory listing so it has more than one it’s like people smart is like a database of seven different databases so it’s like like with phone books you have you know Dex and smart pages and all these different ones people smart is like a combination of all the different phone books so to do this you first need to find your listing just like in this one right here people finders so people smart and people finders are I think they might be related but they’re two different databases as you can see from the what will close this one you see here there’s no security deal this one here it has an inflection com incorporated ok so anyway what you want to do again type in your name so we’ll use John Smith once more and then location Atlanta Georgia find my listing and it searches through their seven or so or however many different databases and it will pull up your information and here it is so we’ll just say it’s this guy right here that’s the one then who are you opting out so you can do this for anyone you want to yourself family member or someone else to do it as yourself hit submit and then what you need to do is enter in your email and confirm that email and verify it because that will confirm that you want that listing removed from this database so you enter in your email I’m not a robot send a verification click on the link and your information will be removed ok after that you want to go to this one here this is spokeo this is again a database of multiple different places and it’s super simple spokeo.com / privacy again link in the description once you’re there you can see where they get all their stuff phonebooks real estate online map social networks surveys all kinds of different places everything public they index it and conglomerated into a database to remove yourself use this opt-out form on the bottom so click that and again they need to know what profile to remove so you will have to go to the normal spokeo.com website and find yourself on there by typing in your name then once you find your listing you’ll simply copy the URL and paste it right here so here they have a sample for your profile URL / Smith sample Houston TX profile number ok so that’s what it should look like paste it right there put in your email address here select that you’re not a robot and remove the listing they will send you an email confirmation that you will need to confirm and then your listing will be removed from the spokeo database and all the other databases that they maintain after that we will go to the white pages this is a phone book of the internet so to get here you just go to the secured on whitepages.com / me suppressions page again address will be in the item description click on it you’ll be brought to whitepages.com it is a login screen so you need to either login or create an account this makes sure that you are a real person who wants your profile removed once you create an account you will be brought to this direct page which is copy and paste the URL of your profile here exactly like spokeo so you can have to go to the main whitepages.com type in your name you know John Smith city Atlanta Georgia find it click on it copy the URL here from the address bar and they have an example for you so name again John Smith Seattle Washington and then the number paste it there and hit opt-out now since you already logged in you have there’s no need to confirm your email or anything they will send you a confirmation that it has been opted out and then you’ll be good to go once you have done all of these about a week or two weeks later you can go back on each one of these websites and search for your information if it is still there go ahead and opted out again and wait a few more days check it out chances are within two to three weeks you will be completely removed from multiple online databases anyplace like even yellowpages.com even though we didn’t remove it specifically from yellowpages.com a lot of these places retrieve and communicate with other places like that there are other spots online I’m sure there’s like phonebook com email.com you can get all of these databases that you can remove yourself from individually or if you do these six you will be pretty much taken care of on all of the databases so do these six wait a couple weeks find out how it went any questions comments concerns go ahead and post them in the comments section under the video I also check out the Facebook group you can post them there and that is how you can remove yourself from multiple online databases to become sort of invisible online all right good luck until next time

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Deception Tip 60 - How To Detect Deception - A Guide To Deception

Deception Tip 60 - How To Detect Deception - A Guide To Deception>

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Payment Methods - Spencer Coffman

The Top 3 Affiliate Marketing Payment Methods - Spencer Coffman>

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Deception Tip 59 - How To Detect Deception - A Guide To Deception

Deception Tip 59 - How To Detect Deception - A Guide To Deception>

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Supplemental Content - Extra Material - Appendix - Spencer Coffman

Supplemental Content - Extra Material - Appendix - Spencer Coffman>

Earn Free Money Gift Cards Online With MyPoints - Spencer Coffman

Earn Free Money Gift Cards Online With MyPoints - Spencer Coffman>

Earn Free Money Gift Cards Online With MyPoints

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MyPoints is very simple and easy to use. All you have to do is sign up with your email address. Then you can earn points for doing just about anything online. You will receive a few emails each day and in each email there is a link. If you click on the link then you will earn 5 points. Some of the many other ways you can earn points are described below.

Shop Online

In addition, anytime you shop online you can earn points for your purchases. The amount of points you earn will vary depending on the retailer. Some retailers will reward you with 2 points per dollar spent and others will reward you with 10 points per dollar, or even 25 points per dollar! The amount varies depending on the retailer, time of year, the targeting sale, and may other factors. However, the bottom line is that you will receive points for shopping online. How cool is that!

Take Surveys

You will also earn points for filling out surveys, or taking quizzes. These surveys and quizzes vary in length and point value. Some surveys take less than a minute and you can earn double-digit numbers of points. Other surveys take several minutes and you can earn hundreds of points. Generally, the longer the survey the more points you will receive for completing it. So if you don’t mind spending some time each day filling out surveys then you can really rack up the points.

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In Summary…

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As a recap, you can earn points for doing the following:

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Join Free and start earning points Today!!


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10 Niche Logos Pack Of High Quality Logos Mockups - Spencer Coffman

10 Niche Logos Pack Of High Quality Logos Mockups - Spencer Coffman>

Download 10 Niche Logo Pack For Free

Download your 10 Niche Logo Pack for FREE!

In this great pack you will receive 10 high-quality logos complete with 2 PNG variations, 2 JPG variations, PSD files, and the font packs for the PSD files. Also, as a special bonus, I’ll throw in a high-quality mockup of the logo and a mockup of the logo on different stationary.

The 10 Niche Logos Included in This Pack Are as Follows:

  1. Beauty Salon

  2. Bicycle

  3. Restaurant

  4. Coffee

  5. Dating

  6. Doctor

  7. email Marketing

  8. Fitness

  9. Photography

  10. Technology

You really have nothing to lose by downloading this great logo pack. Individual logos are very expensive so go ahead and grab this great pack and let others know as well. If you sold each logo pack for $1 then you will double your money!

What are you waiting for?

Download it now!

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Affiliate Marketing Expert Mind Map By Spencer Coffman

Affiliate Marketing Expert Mind Map By Spencer Coffman>

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Deception Tip 58 - How To Detect Deception - A Guide To Deception

Deception Tip 58 - How To Detect Deception - A Guide To Deception>

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